Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Hollow Body "Johannine" Album Launch - The Waiting Room, Cape Town.


The sound in my ear is the radio down low
when I hear it my heart wants to beat along out loud,
beat along out loud to you
and I miss you so hard when I'm all alone.
It's just the wind and the rain in my mind and in my brain
In my mind I'm all alone again.
And too many times I've come so close to drying my eyes.
And too many times I've come so close to believing your lies.
It's the only way forward, the only way back this night.
I wonder how many have lost their foothold from
the heaviest hand that holds the love in you
and what you hold them to,
that I picture it comes as no wild surprise,
that I'll take the strain as the only way I want to be,
the only chance of love for me.
And too many of us have died, alone with you by our side,
to pick our bones clean where we lie
and fly home through the sky,
under the darkest cover of night.

-The Hollow Body

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